How to display all user tables in a database

  • What built-in stored procedure would display all user tables in a database?

    Can someone give me advice on that?

    Regards-Grace copy me please

  • There is a view and table you can use.

    For all tables (and views) you as a user has access to:


    For all user table:

    SELECT [name] FROM sysobjects WHERE type = 'U'

    The last will pick up dtproperties (database diagrams) and MS replication tables, but you can filter those out with the appropriate WHERE clauses if need be.

    K. Brian Kelley

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Both are good solutions. Had never thought about it, but was surprised there was no sp_helptable type sp.

    Another way to get the list from an existing stored procedure would be to run this:

    sp_msforeachtable 'print ''?'''


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