How to create a perfect fact table ?

  • Hi, all. I'm developing a data warehousing system using Analysis Service. Everyday I transfer data from OLTP system to Analysis Service. But I never able to build a fact table for my data. There is always something's wrong with my data. What's wrong ????

  • I have a little experience of this, but will need some more info: what error messages are being returned? Are the dimension tables being populated ok? Is the schema changing? etc.

    Paul Ibison

    Paul Ibison

  • Hi Hendra,

    As Paul said, to specifically respond to your problem, we do need more information. However, there are general books on the subject if you are looking for a high level approach. A classic is Ralph Kimball's The Data Warehouse Toolkit : Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses. I'm not pushing (never bought anything from there, myself), but this page should give you an idea about the book itself because it does have some sample pages linked:

    K. Brian Kelley

    K. Brian Kelley

  • Pls post some more information and we will try to help.

    Steve Jones

  • A common problem loading fact tables into an OLAP Services cube is failure to rebuild dimensions prior to the data load. There are occassions where the OLAP dimensions do not get rebuilt properly, causing the facts and the dimensions to be out of synch in the cubes. Be sure to process your dimensions before processing the cubes and this might help resolve some of your problems. Also, be sure you are imposing referential integrity on your star schema to avoid the same problem in the relational source tables.

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