how to copy SSIS variables into excel

  • HI,

    I have SSIS package with 60 variables i need name, type and value information in excel sheet from variable window. I am not able to do copy paste from variable window. Is there any way ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you open/edit the dtsx (in say notepad++) and then search for <DTS:Variables> you can take that entire section. You'll need to do reformating to make it work nicely in Excel.

    Alternatively, you could write a little script task that looks at the current package and iterates through the variables and writes them to a text file. Only potential issue is not having the task in a scope that let's it see all the variables in the package.


  • thanks for your reply. I had copy it and save it as xml but i dont have xsd file so i can directly use in SSIS package. any idea how to create xsd file or directly load from xml file.

  • if you're now trying to use the copied out xml (from within the package), then try saving it as an xml file, ensure you have root element in there, and SSIS should offer to build an xsd for you.

    have you tried simply opening the xml fragment in excel?


  • Use a script task. Iterate over the variables and write the relevant information in a file.

    Raunak J

  • Could you share the script please

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