How to copy odbc system dsn from one server to another

  • Hi ,

    I need to copy an odbc system dsn , but I am not able to locate it. Where should I look for it ?

    What will the file extension be?

    Any solutions?

  • Is it a User DSN, a System DSN or a File DSN? I believe the first two (User and System) are stored in the Registry -- so the easiest thing is to just recreate the DSN on the new server. A File DSN is a file in the file system that you should be able to copy from one machine to another.

    One gotcha I've run into with DSNs is if you're moving between 32 and 64 bit OSs and making sure you are configuring your DSN in the correct area.

  • System and user DSNs are held in the registry, export the system DSN from the following registry location


    for each DSN listed here it will have a registry branch under


    On 64 bit systems 32bit DSNs appear under the WOW6432Node registry branch, so





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  • Thank you! And should any changes be made after copying the file? I am copying it from win 2003 to win 2008

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