How To Configure SQL Mail to Work With Groupwise

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    THANKS SO MUCH!!!  I have been waiting a long time to set this up.  I am just in application support and my Groupwise/Novell people couldn't or wouldn't help me.  I setup it up after installing Outlook and they told me I was creating server abends on the Groupwise server and made me take it off.

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  • Henrik Staun Poulsen-105872

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    I use blat.exe, which is a small public domain program, that will send an email for you. All it needs is access to a SMTP Server. See But it's nice to know that it can be done with Groupwise as well.

    Thank you

  • Ross Petersen

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    HI folks

    This is just a general comment about using SQL Mail.

    I have read a few articles that have suggested that there are fairly significant security risks with using SQL Mail in general.

    I just wondered what other people think?

    Kind regards

    Ross Petersen

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