How to check the last time the job got succeeded in SQL Server 00/05/08

  • I have a job that is failing from ages. The history for this job shows that it never got succeeded. Is there any other chance to check the last time the job got succeeded.

  • CREATE PROCEDURE usp_job_history

    @dateparam DATETIME


    SELECT dbo.sysjobhistory.server, AS job_name,

    CASE dbo.sysjobhistory.run_status

    WHEN 0 THEN 'Failed'

    WHEN 1 THEN 'Succeeded'

    ELSE '???'

    END as run_status, dbo.sysjobhistory.run_date, dbo.sysjobhistory.run_time, dbo.sysjobhistory.step_id, dbo.sysjobhistory.step_name, dbo.sysjobhistory.run_duration, dbo.sysjobhistory.message

    FROM dbo.sysjobhistory INNER JOIN

    dbo.sysjobs ON dbo.sysjobhistory.job_id = dbo.sysjobs.job_id

    WHERE dbo.sysjobs.category_id = 0 and dbo.sysjobhistory.run_date = datepart(yyyy,@dateparam)*10000 + datepart(mm,@dateparam)*100 + datepart(dd,@dateparam)

    ORDER BY dbo.sysjobhistory.server, dbo.sysjobhistory.run_date, dbo.sysjobhistory.run_time,, dbo.sysjobhistory.step_id


    --Example: EXEC usp_job_history '10/02/2004'

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    Tanx 😀

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