How to change the ownership of Maintenance plan?

  • When we create Maintenance plan on SQL Server, by default the jobs are owned by the Windows login. After creating the maintenace plan is there way to change the ownership.

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    You may go to the Job being created by that Maintenance plan and there go to the Job properties. Under 'General' Tab, you will find a field 'Owner'. Change it to the desired name.Click 'Apply'--> OK

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  • Is there a way to set job ownership in a maintenance plan to a group, instead of a single account?

  • Yes - You can setup a job to use a Windows group.

  • Actually, we tried that, but we got an error. Can you post some sample syntax?

  • You can just change the owner on the Job Properties screen to domain_name\group_name. Of course the group has to have the correct server role - i.e. sysadmin.

    We don't use groups for job ownership, but it can be done. Although, I'm not sure why you'd want to.

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    Actually, we tried that, but we got an error

    post your error

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