how to change new schema name from existing schema - Table

  • Hi,

    I want change schema name on Table.


    to change


    I tried as below

    ALTER SCHEMA HWData TRANSFER dbo.DesktopSoft_Master;


    Msg 15530, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    The object with name "DesktopSoft_Master" already exists.

    Can you give me script for change new schema Object.


  • that error says the table already exists in the hwdata schema.

    do a quick

    select * from hwdata.DesktopSoft_Master

    select * from dbo.DesktopSoft_Master

    decide which one to keep (say dbo was the "good one"

    then drop table hwdata.DesktopSoft_Master

    and try to transfer again.


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  • There are no such object in the destination schema, must be something else.

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  • ALTER SCHEMA [dbo] TRANSFER HWData.DesktopSoft_Master;

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