How to change default port 1433

  • Hi,

    One of our Client requests to move away from the default SQL port, if that is port on 1433

    Can any one tell me what is the procedure to change the port for sql.

    what are the steps to follow for the communication between the DB and the application server ?

    On SQL server 2005 insatnce

    Many Thanks,

  • Go to Start > programs > Microsoft SQL Server > Configuration Tools > SQL configuration manager > expand SQL Network Configuration > Protocols for 'instancename' > right click tcp\ip > IP addresses tab > Put a custom port number in the TCP PORT section right at the bottom.

    Restart SQL Server instance.

    in the connection string for your app, just put Servername, portnumber

  • Thanks for reply,

    In ipadress tab, i could see Tcp port column on IP1,IP2,IPALL .

    Please clarify do i need to change only TCP Port column on IPAll or i need to update all 3 .

    What should be the value of tcp dynamic port


  • as you would imagine.. changing the port in IPALL Will make the change apply to them all 🙂 So just change it here.

    Leave dynamic port blank.

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