how to assign permission to start sql server active directory helper or Permission to start SQL Writer permissions

  • shinobigoh

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    Hi guys

    I have read the following document "Setting Up Windows Service Accounts"

    but I could not find these policies on the local security policy

    -Permission to start SQL Server Active Directory Helper

    -Permission to start SQL Writer

    does any one kinow how do I assign these permissions to a domain user

    thank you

  • K. Brian Kelley

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    These are services. As a result, any account with the permission to stop and start services can stop and start these. That requires either Power User or Administrator group membership on the local server.

    With that said, the AD helper shouldn't be started by a user. The SQL Writer should already be running.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • emmanuel.rambaux

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    use the following commands to check the rights on these services

    sc sdshow SQLWRITER

    sc sdshow EVENTLOG

    sc sdshow RPCSS

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