How Often Do You Update During Issues?

  • How often do you update?  I think it depends on your role in the situation.  I spent 42 years in IT including 11 years as manager of an installation so here's my take.  We all know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

    As a technical person working on the fastest solution, you probably need to be left alone as much as possible to focus on the problem instead of having your thought process interrupted so many times.

    As a manger, you probably need to focus on handling outside interactions and running interference for your technical people to allow them to focus.    Also, you need to know your processes well enough that you can handle the outside activity yourself without needing to interrupt your technical folks to get constant updates.

    So, there!

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    One of the best days of my IT career was the day I told my boss if the problem was so simple he should go fix it himself.

  • I do agree with you, Steve, that it would be best if there were someone who could notify users regularly during a crisis, so the technical staff can focus on the issue, rather than field users demands to know what's going on. I've not been in the situation often (thank God), but when I have, it was always the most  stressful experience I ever had. Unfortunately, at the time we were too small of an IT staff, so there was no one who could field users' questions and run interference for the IT staff. I never want to experience that kind of stress again.

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  • "My concern, however, was that multiple times they noted they would post updates soon, but there were some pretty good gaps in the status messages. While I liked a few quick messages together (3 in 30 minutes), the long gaps are disconcerting to me as a customer. I expect management would feel the same way and hopefully, management was updated more often."

    I wish that companies like Atlassian would learn this when they have an outage instead of copy-pasting memos and ghosting customers paying over 10k a month. Would have killed for 3 updates in 30 minutes but instead got ghosted for a week.

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