How many of you have done Certification for SQL Server?

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    but by point is that he was a certified DBA and because of that, felt entitled to work on our DBA team. Needless to say, we never brought him on board our team.

    Did you call up Microsoft (or hit the website) and verify the certification?

    I'm just wondering because, in a previous job, I was one of a group that interviewed a sysadmin candidate. He had misspelled MCSE on his resume (MSCE), and I raised a warning flag with the hiring manager. They said basically that it must've been a typo - don't worry about it.

    Long story short, he turned out to be a horrible hire and was lying about the MCSE. If you can't even spell it correctly on your resume, I don't want to hire you, really certified or not.

    From the sound of this "certified" DBA, he either bought a braindump and memorized or he just flat out lied about the certfication in the first place. I've seen some crazy things through the years while conducting interviews.

    Heh... fuel for my fire. "Glad" to see someone else go through this other than my previous boss. 🙂 One of the things I've always tried to get through his head about SQL is that you need to test everything... especially applicants for a job.:hehe:

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