How Many Days Can You Survive?

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  • I've recently had a complete failure of internet connectivity to my home.  As it was fibre broadband it also meant no landline telephone connectivity.  Most of my mobile phone usage is through the internet so my contract didn't allow the amount of data I need for day to day running.

    Obviously, working from home had to stop immediately.  That was £80/week on commuting added to the household bills.

    Not being able to stay in contact with elderly relatives was potentially much more serious.

    We don't have many IOT devices so at least we were covered from that perspective.  Although we have Sky satellite TV there are a number of Sky facilities that rely on having broadband connectivity. Things we take for granted stopped.  Researching products, checking if we can buy locally or online, checking opening times of libraries, leisure centres,  knowing if we put out the green bin or the black bin.

    We did have problems relating to insurance renewals where the insurance company made life very difficult because my mobile doesn't have a battery long lived enough to sit through "Your call is important to us" queueing before an operator comes on.

    Perhaps the most worrying thing was one of the causes of the fault was our internet box sending out signals to the local hub instructing other internet boxes to shut down.  That is not supposed to be possible and if I was our telecomms company I would be seriously worried by that capability manifesting itself in customers hardware.

  • For us, we have 3 different mobile providers here, so we usually can get a hotspot if needed, but similar issues at home. I try to stay ahead of things so I don't have anything due today. That way I can always work offline and deal with things later. I'm always ready to head to town if I really need to.


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