How many concurrent users???

  • Ash.Shah

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    Hello all,

    I have a table as follows:

    CREATE TABLE t_log


    sactioncode varchar(10),

    tscreated datetime,

    swinusername varchar(10)


    The first column will show either LOGON or LOGOFF. The second column will show the datetime that a user performed the action of logging in or logging off. The third column gives the username.

    So for example, if I logged on at 9.00 in the morning and logged off at 5.00 in the evening I would create two records in this table.

    What I would like to know is the maximum number of concurrent users there has ever been i.e. the highest number of users logged on at the same time.

    I personally cannot even begin to think how you would do this so any birght ideas to get me started would be much appreciated.



  • Jack Corbett

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    What is the time frame for which you would like to see concurrent users? Second, Minute, Hour?

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  • Carl Federl

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    Itzik Ben-Gan, a SQL Server MVP, has exactly the solution !

    The problem involves calculating the maximum number of concurrent sessions for each application that an organization uses. For this problem, a table called Sessions stores information about application use. Each row contains one session's worth of data, including the application, user, host, start time, and end time

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  • RBarryYoung

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    Like this:

    drop table #t_log

    drop table #t_periods

    CREATE TABLE #t_log(

    sactioncode varchar(10),

    tscreated datetime,

    swinusername varchar(10))

    CREATE table #t_periods(UserName varchar(10), CheckIn datetime, CheckOut datetime)

    Insert into #t_periods(UserName, CheckIn)

    Select swinusername, tscreated

    From #t_log

    Where sactioncode = 'LOGON'

    Update #t_periods

    Set CheckOut = (Select MIN(tscreated)

    From #t_log

    Where UserName=swinusername

    And sactioncode='LOGOFF')

    Select MAX([TotalConcurrent])

    From (Select P.*

    , (select count(*) from #t_periods p2

    Where p.CheckIn between p2.Checkin and p2.checkOut)

    + 1 As [TotalConcurrent]

    From #t_periods P) P0

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