How Far Have You Traveled for a SQL Saturday?

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    DelaDebbie (7/29/2016)

    LightVader (7/29/2016)

    I haven't heard of SharePoint Saturdays before. Too bad I can't make it to tomorrow's in New York, it would've been helpful since I started doing more with SharePoint this year. I'll have to keep an eye on that for next year.

    One of my co-workers will actually be at the one in New York tomorrow. I thought the ones in Baltimore and DC were well done, and I was able to meet a couple of consultants that we deal with that I had never met in person before.

    New York is a pretty good hike for us (around 200 miles), so it definitely requires an overnight stay.

    Not too bad for me, but I have other obligations tomorrow. If I had known about it a week ago I could've rearranged a few things and gone. Oh, well.

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  • krowley

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    I have traveled from Wichita, KS to Oklahoma City, OK - 161 miles.

    However that was several years ago and I have not been back to that one, or the Kansas City ones since.


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    I have been to one Code Camp Saturday. Google tells me it was 55 miles.

    This Code Camp was in Minneapolis, MN, 2016.

    I was not a speaker, only in attendance.

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    Living in Central Illinois, I have traveled both to Chicago (212 miles) and to St. Louis (90 miles) to attend SQL Saturdays. I know several folks who attend the one in Indianapolis, Indiana, but that's just pushing the limit for me.


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    Hi, i live in Adelaide, South Australia.

    SQL Saturday Portland, Oregon is the furtherest away for me. I was able to go because it was close to PASS Summit.

    This year in February i flew over for Melbourne SQL Saturday and a week later over to Sydney SQL Saturday. It was great having them close because some speakers were able to travel to both. I wasnt speaking just attending. I havent read the changes but i hope it doesnt stop australian and new zealand events being close together as that is a less costly travel expense and i'd consider travelling for good sessions.

    A few years back, as someone commented earlier Australia had some a few days apart. I agree that it was a good idea to try and get some travelling speakers.

    Some years i've been fortunate to have employers supporting me and paying for trips to these events.

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    I have travel about 200 miles, Dallas to Oklahoma City; not a bad drive interstate all the way.

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    I've been to the last 3 SQL Saturdays in Minneapolis. I live in the suburbs so it's about a 25 mile drive. I'd be willing to travel up to 100 miles to attend. I mean it's a FREE day of training, right? It does somewhat depend on the topics of the sessions. If I saw a topic that I really wanted to learn about I'd be willing to drive up to 100 miles.

  • dhsweg

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    I went to my first SQL Saturday in Columbus, Ohio two weeks ago. I drove 130 miles (2 hours).

    I dropped off my family at a friends who live in Columbus so they could spend the day with them, then I went back after the event to hang out and have a cookout. A very good day overall!

  • Luis Cazares

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    I've only been to 2 SQL Saturdays.

    For the first one I had to travel 130 miles (209km) to Orlando on 2012. We went to Disney World on Sunday, so we enjoyed the weekend. The second one was on the same city.

    I'm not sure if I'd travel further as an attendee, I probably would do it as a speaker or as an opportunity to meet someone.

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    Just as a note, all of the data for this exact question was made available during SQL Discovery Day event for the release of SQL Server 2016.

  • Ray K


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    • How far have you traveled to each event? (multiple numbers in mi or km)
    • where were the events? (city, year if you want)

    To the best of my memory:

    • New York City (several times -- I've lost track of how many -- approx. 150 miles)
    • Albany, NY (my hometown SQL Saturday! -- about 8 miles -- next one is tomorrow; come on out, folks!!!)
    • Providence, RI (170 miles)
    • Rochester, NY (230 miles)
    • Philadelphia, PA (250 miles)

    Also, I signed up to speak at Pittsburgh in October. That is over 450 miles away (driving). If I'm chosen to speak, that will be the farthest I've ever traveled for SQL Saturday.

    • Are you a speaker? (yea, nay)

    Yea (since last year)

    Check out my blog at

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    Regular attendee at Orange County Golden West College and San Diego UCSD (UTC) Extension SQL Saturday Events, although I am sad to see that there is no San Diego event on this year's schedule. The OC event is the farther of the two.

    To Orange County: 60 miles one way

    To UTC: 28 miles one way

  • Eric M Russell

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    The SQL Saturday event I attend yearly here in Atlanta is close enough to my home I could theoretically ride my bike. There are about three or four other events within a 150km radius that I've condidered, but I have yet to plan ahead.

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  • TUellner


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    SQL Saturday in Cambridge, MA 2015 and 2014. 25 miles. I take the train because driving in Boston is something I like to avoid.

    Also Code Camps in New Hampshire, probably 35 miles. I also attend user groups in New Hampshire monthly.


    I agree with the idea that if it was much more than 50 miles, I probably wouldn't be attending. Most of these trips are an hour each way and I'm good with that. Once it gets to 1.5 hours or more, I'm not likely to go.

  • Ethan.Hinton

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    Living in the upper Midwest in the US probably makes me a bit of an outlier too, but I've traveled:

  • 244 miles to SQL Saturday 427 (Sioux Falls, SD in 2015)
  • 235 miles to SQL Saturday 453 (Minneapolis, MN in 2015)
  • I had hoped to make it to Sioux Falls 2016, but unfortunately wasn't able to attend. I am looking forward to (hopefully) attending the next event in Minneapolis coming up in October.

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