How do you aggregate data in the report with a condition?

  • Thank you for the replies! Maybe I should've been more clear about the issue -

    I have raw data returned by a stored proc that sends me PO data.

    I need a group summary, where I show the sum(qty) of orders that are delivered on-time, late and early (this will be per supplier). This will be followed by the list of all POs for the supplier.

    The raw data gives me the deliverystatus i.e. O, L or E.

    I want the : sum(qty) where deliverystatus = 'O' and a similar sum for the other 2 status in the summary. I am unable to do get the report to compile if I type this this in the expression editor for the field "Qty on time"-

    iif(Fields!orderstatus.Value = "O",sum(qty),0). Any ideas?

  • It should work.Chk the shud be something like this

    =IIf( Parameters!School.Value ="0",true,false)





  • Iif() only works in Access. I assume that you're using SQL Server. In that case, you need to use the CASE construct. Search Books on Line (BOL) for details.


    Arthur Fuller

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