How do I write this query?

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    I am sure this task can be accomplished with many variations.

    I run a call center that services existing customers.

    Each Agent that answers phone calls are identified by an Agent ID Number (AgentId).

    Each customer must have (and is identified by) an account number (AcctNo).

    If I had a table that contained records of every phone contact for every agent & customer it would look like this (assume both are int datatypes):

    AgentId AcctNo

    --------- --------

    658 686598

    925 458962

    453 126854

    625 556255

    925 556255

    458 125893

    An agent can talk to any customer so AgentId appears numerous times more than once.

    A customer can call at any time so AcctNo appears numerous times more than once.

    If I had to write a query that would extract the first 5 records for each and every agent for a sampling (being random is not an issue); how would I do it?

    Many thanks.

  • Jack Corbett

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    Something like this would work, but there may be a better solution:

    ;WITH cteAgents AS



    ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY agentid ORDER BY agentid) AS row_id,











    row_id <= 5

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    You can get the TOP 5 by using the TOP key word:

    SELECT TOP 5...

    However, you need to order by something. Do you also have a call date? If so, you can combine the TOP query with another query to return all the top 5's for any combination or simply return the top 5 for a given set of id's.

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