How do I use Workspaces in Azure Data Studio?

  • I've been working with Azure Data Studio (ADS) for maybe two years, but I've only yesterday learned about something called "workspace" in ADS. I ran into problems when trying to commit SQL code to a Git repo. ADS showed me two unrelated Git repos and I don't think that ADS knew which repo to put it in. Now I'm wondering how I get an ADS workspace started and put the .sql files into it that I've created already. And where do I put the workspace file? Here's an image of what I've got:


    You can see the one Git repo I want to commit the file changes to is in the SQLScriptsForReports folder. Do I put the ADS workspace file there? Do I put it in the PWReports folder? Where do I put it?

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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