How do I CENTER a Matrix (in the form) whose # of columns varies every time it's run?

  • That's messed up.

    How do I get the matrix to grow out from center instead of to the right, so that regardless of the # of columns it needs to display, the center of those in on the center of the form.

    The # of columns (always between 3 and 15) is dictated by the # of selections the user makes in a list box... So I started thinking about dynamically locating the matrix object based on the # of selections made in order to maintain "centerhood"... has anyone had any success doing this?


  • Did you ever get a reply on this? I am trying to figure out this same thing. I am new to SSRS. Thanks!

  • Yeesh, no. And regrettably, I can't remember how the issue ended. Sometimes the best workaround is to convince the consumer that they need something entirely different. 🙁

  • I have a feeling that is going to happen, or I will be running this report out of BIDS every month and manually moving things around myself. However, I would prefer to publish and make my report a subscription that is emailed to me. haha.

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