How can we Update Image in SqlServer Ce???

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    Hi guys,

    I would lilke know.I have a column called Image in the database. The type of of the column is Image. I want to upade it. I have an jpg file. How can do that????

    Lets say I can retrieve an image file from url,

    then save it into the sql server ce.....

    not insert ...i want to update...

    Thank you

  • SwePeso


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    Try this

    UPDATE t

    SET t.Img = s.Img

    FROM MyTable AS t


    N 56°04'39.16"
    E 12°55'05.25"

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    Another syntax worked better for me. I had added a Picture column to a table ([font="Courier New"]Model[/font]), and wanted to update existing rows in the table with images from files - in this case [font="Courier New"]Picture.jpg[/font]. The kicker was realising that you needed 2 aliases (PictureTable and blob).

    WITH PictureTable AS (SELECT blob.* FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N'C:\Picture.jpg', SINGLE_BLOB) AS blob)

    UPDATE Model

    SET Model.Picture = PictureTable.BulkColumn

    FROM Model, PictureTable

    WHERE Model.Id = 2;

  • max 23838

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    ...or even more succinctly:

    UPDATE Model

    SET [Picture] = (SELECT MyImage.* from Openrowset(Bulk 'C:\cartridge1.jpg', Single_Blob) MyImage)

    WHERE Id = 9

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