How can we get updated and old values from sys.fn_get_audit_file table

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    Dear Team,

    This is Naveen, i want to get the list of update new value and old values from audit table (sys.fn_get_audit_file table).

    Similarly like Insert and Delete value list from mentioned same table.

    Kindly help me on this.


    Event_Time,Server_instance_name,database_Name,UpdateValues,                          Old Value,                                 Client_Ip    Statement

    1                    Instance01                     Test                       (@Sno=10)                                 (@sno=2)                               10.00.00      Update

    2                    Instance01                     Test2                       (@Sno=59,@sname='Nav')    @Sno=9,@sname='Test')    11.00.00      Update

    3                    Instance01                      Test                       (@Sno=15)                                   blank                                     12.00.00      Insert

    4                    Instance01                       Test                       Blank                                            (@sno=10)                            10.00.00      Delete



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    That information isn't available when using a database audit. This article has a decent overview of different auditing methods:

    Various techniques to audit SQL Server databases

    It sounds more like you may want to create audit tables and populate those with triggers but I don't know enough about your auditing to say if that's a good direction or not. Keep in mind, sometimes you need to combine different methods to get what you need.


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    Thanks a lot.

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  • John Mitchell-245523

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    Depending on your precise requirement, you might also consider Change Data Capture and Temporal Tables.


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