How can I synchronize data of different user with SQL Server 2005/2008?

  • How can I synchronize data of different user with SQL Server 2005/2008?


    I am planning to design a free application for Windows Mobile and this app will store data in SDF file (SQL Server Compact Edition) locally in Mobile. I also design Web Interface for this application, where users can add/delete/edit/view their information entered using Mobile App. To achieve this I have to replicate and synchronize the SDF File data with SQL Server Enterprise Edition.


    The application is used by different users and I want only data related to that particular user can synchronize. For example if there is user Sam and Dean then when Sam do sync, only Sam get data related to him and when Dean does, he get data related to him.


    1.Use SQL Replication.

    I do not have much experience in using SQL Replication, but few year ago I did implemented merge replication. But it replicated the complete data.

    Is there any way to replicate data based on condition?

    2.Use custom logic to handle.

    Here I am thinking to have one more table and log the info Add/Delete/Edit and later based on this will sync. But it will take a lot of effort to sync properly.

    Please advice what can be done for syncing data for different users, while one user will not able to get others data.

    Please let me know if you need any further clarification.

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  • I have also same issue, but i create different replications with filter option from SQL server replication and hard code each application with user replication filter, try if it is suitable for you or if you have any other idea please do let me know.

    Muhammad Waqas

  • If this is a free mobile application, creating a replication per user is not viable.

    How many tables do you have to sync ?

    How many data ?

    A quick search lead me to this :

    It could be interesting for you.

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