How can I configure heartbeat/cluster dedicated network

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    We have 3 VMs, 2 of which are Azure VMs.  We are trying to use one NIC as the administration and client connectivity and the other NIC as dedicated to cluster and availability group traffic.  I am having a heck of a time trying to find where you tell it the type of traffic.  I know you can right click on the network in the cluster manager and set it to cluster and client or cluster only.

    Is this the only place I need to do it? Does the endpoint setup matter?

    I read on from someone who hard coded IPs into their endpoints so that SQL would communicate to each other specifically through this "private" network.  Thanks...

  • I would recommend that these networks be completely separate segments.  I would definitely use a static IP address for the heartbeat, as well as the normal traffic.   Your networking folks may have to adjust the DNS and so forth.

    There are a few places that you need to check and/or configure.  One is the network setting in SQL Configuration manager.  You would want to disable any communication on the heartbeat network. The second place is in cluster manager. It looks like you already have that figured out.

    Are you really using SQL 2014?

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