How are packages are run?

  • Hi,

    Suppose the following situation:

    Server A is a sort of management server (no databases!) with only Management Studio 2014, Visual Studio 2013 and some other applications installed. From Management Studio we can connect to various database servers that have SQL Server 2014 installed.

    Suppose database server B is one of the servers we can connect to from Management Studio on server A. This server B has several SQL Agent jobs. One of the jobs (say job X) runs a SSIS package through the SSIS Catalog on server B. Server B also has Visual Studio 2013 installed.

    Suppose I am logged on to Management Studio on server A with a connection to server B. From there I start job X. Which Visual Studio is used then? Is it Visual Studio on server A or Visual Studio on server B? What if both servers also have Visual Studio 2015 installed? Which version of Visual Studio on which server is used then? Is that depending on the entries to the appropriate DTS\Binn folder in the PATH environment variable?

    Hope someone can sort this out for me.


    Thanks, Michiel

  • If you are starting a SQL Job, it will run on the server where the job is.  In your case, server B.  it will use whatever libraries it needs on Server B.

    Curiously, why do you need to install Visual Studio on a server?

    Michael L John
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