How about "None of the above" for the QOD on 10/20

  • None of those answers look right to me ... what am I missing??

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  • If you are referring to the question: 

     Tab_A      Tab_B

    Id_A  Ds_A   Id_B Ds_B

    ----  -----  ---- ----    

      1   A1     2    B1

      2   A2     3    B2

      3   A3     4    B3

    Select Id_A,Id_B,Ds_A,Ds_B

    from Tab_A

       Join Tab_B

         On Id_A = Id_B

    I would completely agree that none of the available answers is correct.  Just to be sure I wasn't missing something, I tried each of the solutions; none produced the same result set as the join given above.

  • Unfortunately folks it was a trick question and the explination was incorrect.

    MIDDLE will work because middle is neither a valid syntax or a keyword of any kind,

    What is actually happening is the middle is being handled as the alias for Tab_A which is not what is being assumed.

    basically we are being fooled with a trick of comprehension.

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