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  • From someone in a highly regulated industry: SQL Audit needs to be a separate and distinct product apart from the main offerings, a la Guardium. We can’t use an auditing tool that is under the control of a SQL sysadmin.

  • Given that the name is misleading, certainly in terms of how many people claim to understand it, I would personally change the NOLOCK hint name to IDeliberatelyCodedThisJoinToReturnCrap.  With immediate effect, no backward compatibility.

    I honestly don't know if the increased accuracy in the naming would stop people mis-using it as such, but there is a hope that those using it out of laziness may be too lazy to type it out in full.  Obviously, those using it properly, where appropriate, already know the way it works so hopefully shouldn't be too fussed.

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  • It's been on the ask list for Microsoft ever since they introduced the function, but STRING_SPLIT providing the ordinal position of values in the string is something that I really wish they would do. I realise that it may well be a breaking change, due to people using SELECT * far too commonly so if they don't want that happening they could introduce a second function that does return it.

    Having it in the function is really important, as it's documented that is doesn't guarantee that the order of the values will be the same as they were in the string, and I commonly see people using ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY (SELECT NULL)) or similar to "get the ordinal position"; that is not going to work at some point and could be very bad.

    Of course, we all know that storing delimited data in an RDBMS is a big "no-no", but there are unfortunately often times we have to deal with it, either as incoming data and a historically poorly designed database, and making that dealing reliable and performant is really important.


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  • I have several pet peeves about the Filter Settings dialog in SSMS.

    Adding Filter Operators such as Starts With or ends with to the dropdown

    In more detail, the navigation on this screen is ridiculous. Here are a handful of ways to make it more user-friendly.


  • String Split would be easy. Add an optional parameter that adds an "order" column. I'm not sure why they won't do this one.

    For SSMS, lots of ergonomic things would help, though since this depends on the VS shell, I have no idea how hard these are to change.

    NOLOCK is never going away.

  • In the DBMS; assertions - in the SQL Standard since 1992. They would make the implementation of multi-row and multi-table constraints much easier and much more reliable.

    In SSMS the possibility of multiple custom categorization and sorting of objects and columns. I have seen people go to enormous trouble putting objects into schemas, doing data conversions when a column is added, just to get the objects and columns displayed in the order they want. The hierarchical structure of the display in SSMS strikes me as being contrary to the spirit of the relational DBMS which should allow you to categorise objects in as many different ways as you find appropriate. You may, for example, find it necessary to group certain views, functions, procedures and tables together and the same table for example could be in more than one category.

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