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  • Glad you liked it, and thanks for the mention.

    I think a lot about this because Richie's my only developer, and I gotta minimize the time he spends context switching between stacks. He's built enough stuff over the years that we have a sprawling list of technologies and interactions, so I try not to have him context switch more than a few times per year.

  • That context switching is tough. It gets me, too, and so I try to batch together different types of work and areas so that I can focus better.

  • Because T-SQL is a declarative and domain specific language (SQL Server), it leads to code that's easy to hold in one's head. However, one area where it has a disadvantage is reusability and extensibility. We can use things like views, user defined functions, and sub-procedure calls as a code base for reuse across the database development team, but that tends to have a significant impact on performance - much more so than other programming languages like C++ or C#. Often times I feel like T-SQL could benefit from something like #include directives.

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  • A number of people have asked for more programmability, but the QO/QP team needs to support this. They tried functions, but the implementation wasn't good. Even with the changes in 2019, not sure it's good enough.

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