Hint 'noexpand' on object is invalid

  • adil.muhamad

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    Dear All,

    We have a view which joins two tables and this view is not indexed view.

    This view is being used in one stored procedure but we are getting the following error

    System.Data.SqlClient::SqlConnection.OnError(){6} Hint 'noexpand' on object 'vwNG_SBGetUnreconciledRecords' is invalid. Hint 'noexpand' on object 'vwNG_SBGetUnreconciledRecords' is invalid. Hint 'noexpand' on object 'vwNG_SBGetUnreconciledRecords' is invalid. Hint 'noexpand' on object 'vwNG_SBGetUnreconciledRecords' is invalid. Hint 'noexpand' on object 'vwNG_SBGetUnreconciledRecords' is invalid.{6} at

    Your help is highly appreicated.



  • Gail Shaw

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    The NOEXPAND hint is only valid for indexed views. Normal views have to be expanded because they don't actually stored any data, they're just saved select statements.

    Remove all of the NOEXPAND hints from the procedure in question.

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  • adil.muhamad

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    Hi Gail,

    Many thanks for the reply. The issue got resolved. The index was somehow deleted from this view and this was causing the problem.



  • vaishalihusain-738828

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    Thank you Gail, solved my problem.


    Vaishali Husain

  • hamza.elhadjali


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    Hello Team,


    COuld you please help me on this? I have the same issue and I need your assistance SQL script to remove.


    Thanks in advance.

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