High Availability - Backup Secondaries

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    I have Enterprise 2014 with HA and also one local secondary and one remote secondary.

    I would like to backup the two secondaries locally so that if any of the three go down I would be able to restore from a full bak (& diffs & trn logs)

    But looking into it - it looks like I can setup the H/A backup preferences to 'any replica'. Will using this setting allow me to backup all three servers locally (they all have different SANs) and also do diffs/trn recovers?


    Also I want to do differentials on my primary. Which backup preference should I use. It's currently set at 'Prefer Secondary' and it is letting me do diffs on my primary. I didn't think it would work...but I haven't tested a restore yet.

    Any advise greatly appreciated.


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