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  • d_martins

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    Hi, how can a column report not be showed when there's any value in any row.
    The report I'm working on retrieves a 'X' when a certain scenario occurs.
    So what I would like the report to do is to show only the scenarios (my different columns) that will have a 'X'.
    Is this possible to do?

    THANKS in advance

  • Thom A

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    Do you mean hide the entire column if every value in the column has a value of NULL? Not to be showed when there's any value in there would be always hide the column; so rather than hiding it just don't put it in the report.

    You can hide a by selecting it in your tablix/matrix, right clicking ans selecting properties. Then go to Visibility and you can enter an expression there. Note that TRUE = hide and FALSE = visible.


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