HELP, HELP, Connectivity Management MMC snap-in

  • I am a B.Sc student in Ireland and I am trying to set up a framework using SQL Server 2000, SQL Server CE 2.0 but I am having terrible trouble.  My computer is running XP Professional.

    When I try to run one of the setup files sqlce20sql2ksp1 or sqlce20sql2ksp2 I get an error message telling me that it must match my backend database!   The service pack 3 is not there!    Reading through the following instructions I looked for the shortcut called Configure Connectivity Support in IIS in the SQL Server CE 2.0 programs group but it is not there!   This is needed to set up a virtual directory using SQL Server CE Connectivity Management MMC Snap-in.  Where do I go from here?



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  • Sorry, I can't exactly help with your problem, but in researching a different problem, I found out that mmc.exe (Microsoft Management Console) is not part of Windows XP.  It is part of Microsofts server operating systems (such as NT, 2000).  Good luck!

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