Last Successful TLog Backup (Hr) Help

  • I'm needing assistance completing the following code.  This query needs to run the number of hours since last successful tlog backup. There are 3 cases when I get a return, No Db on the instance, No Tlog has ever run and Tlog is less than 1hr old.  For any and all cases, I need the results to return the number 0.  Any ideas are appreciated.

    declare @dbcount int = (select count(*) from master.sys.databases where name not in ('tempdb', 'master', 'model', 'msdb'))

    if (@dbcount = 0)

    select 0 as [backup age (hours)]


    select top 1

    case when max(bs.backup_finish_date) is null then datediff(hh, max(bs.backup_finish_date), getdate())




    as [backup age (hours)]


    msdb.dbo.backupset bs

    join master.sys.databases d

    on = bs.database_name


    bs.type = 'L' and

    database_name not in ('tempdb', 'master', 'model', 'msdb') and d.state = 0 and d.source_database_id is null

    group by



    (max(bs.backup_finish_date) < dateadd(MINUTE, - 15, getdate()))

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  • I'm not exactly sure what result you want, but if you want only a single result you need to add an ORDER BY to the query.  A TOP (1) without an ORDER BY can randomly return any row from the result set.

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