Hello SSIS World, From XML!

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  • posting here also....

    the article states

    Add the attached XmlSourceDemo.dtsx file to an SSIS project as an existing package.

    I can't seem to find the XmlSourceDemo.dtsx file... anybody help.???


  • Hi Guys,

    This article is Okay but I think a sequel wouldn't be of any harm since all who works with SSIS often knows that XML processing isn't always as straight-forward as it is shown in the tutorial here. What when there are multiple namespaces (and yes 99% of the time this is the case)? How do you generate your XSD then? What when you get an XSD but the location is variable?

    You see, still a lot of room for writing some more advanced tutorials.

    Kind regards,

    Cedric De Vroey

    Cedric is a Business Intelligence Consultant at Numius NV. Numius is an IBM Cognos partner based in Belgium that is specialized in Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence. Come visit us at www.numius.eu

  • Looks really good but I can't find the dtsx either,


  • Could not find the XmlSourceDemo.dtsx package :hehe:

  • Me also could not find the .dtsx file, but I make it by my own after viewing the screen shots with this article. Really nice article.

    Deepak Kumar Sharma

  • OK, where is the dtsx? Are you going to post this and make me do it myself? You are pushing a button this time!

  • I don't know why the source file is not attached. I emailed the webmaster with a copy.

    You can download it at this link:


  • Thanks for the article.

    Even though it seems very straight forward & simple , it really isnt because the XML source adapter does not always function as you would want it to.

    With simple XSD's as provided in the example, it definitely is as straight forward but in real life situations, many times the XSD's are much more complicated with child elements and such.

    After relentlessly trying to make it work through SSIS, I had to resort to TSQL Xquery (using OPENROWSET) which I found out about on these forums through Lutz. I believe it is much more easier and flexible.

    Anyhow, good write-up.




  • The dtsx is now attached to the article.

  • The source file is still not attached.

    You can get it here:


  • Someone should thank you, so I am doing so now.

  • Its there now.. Good article... Thanks... wouold be happy to see more. Finally getting into SSIS after a long and faithful use of DTS 🙂


  • Hey Steve,

    I tried adding the .dtsx to a project and it doesnt load indicates it's the wrong XML format, any ideas ?

    I tried opening it in an XML editor and received the same error, however it opens in notepad fine.

    Thoughts ?

    Dave Fraser


  • The file attached to this article has been corrupted.

    The file on box.net is a good file.


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