Health check for SQL Server

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    We had ESXi host issue cause SQL Server VM's to reboot. So I looked at the logs and connectivity test and now running check db. Do you think I am missing anything here? Thanks in Advance!

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    If you are using SQL server agent then you might need to check that this is running OK. It's separate from SQL Server so it's possible for SQL server to start and not SQL server agent.

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    On top of the SQL checks, I would be doing a chkdsk on the system as well.  Don't want to find out that the physical disk (OS and SQL disks) have problems on them.  OS's generally don't like unexpected reboots, so ensuring the OS is happy would be good too.

    Might not hurt to check the OS logs too to make sure that there are no odd errors in there.  Even if SQL is running fine and error free, if it is running on an OS that has errors, you may be asking for trouble...

    I'd also be checking to make sure the backups are still succeeding (tlog, differential, full on the SQL side and get the VM team to check on the VM backups).  They likely are, but doesn't hurt to do a quick manual check.  I like to double check things like that after unexpected reboots just to make sure that everything came back up properly.  We use RedGate SQL Backup at work (for example), so after an unexpected reboot (and usually with an expected reboot), I double check that the RedGate services came back up properly.

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