Having problems trying to use Jupyter Notebooks in ADS

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    I've written a simple SQL SELECT statement, which I might use again. So, I thought this might be a good time for me to try and use Jupyter notebooks in Azure Data Studio, which I've never done before. So I went to the Notebooks icon on the left menu. The choose to create a new notebook. It went through the process, I think, of creating some new notebook (I've never done this before so I don't really know what it was doing). This took a while, but when it was done I think it left me at step 3 "Open your Book!". So I hit the play button and immediately got this error:

    NameError Traceback (most recent call last)

    <ipython-input-1-bd90d64af1dd> in <module>

    2 from IPython.display import *

    3 if os.name == 'nt':

    ----> 4 bookPath = book_name.replace('\\', '\\\\')

    5 display(HTML("

    <b><font size=\"3\">Click here to open your Book in ADS</font></b>


    6 else:

    NameError: name 'book_name' is not defined

    OK, I am a real novice at Jupyter notebooks, so I've undoubtedly done something wrong, but I've no idea what, nor where, nor why. What have I done wrong?

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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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