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    What sort of decisions are you disapproving of?

    I'm simply saying we have to maintain perspective and resist the urge to let hysteria and conspiracy theories affect our judgement or cause us anxiety or depression. Even in the midst of crisis we have to maintain perspective. For example, if a US border wall, a $2,000 Billion spending package, or postponing the 2020 elections was a bad idea a year ago, then just maybe it's still a bad idea today - regardless of the virus outbreak. I'm not tone deaf - just taking common sense precautions, riding out the storm, and hoping we as a society deal with this crisis rationally.

    "Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Instead, seek what they sought." - Matsuo Basho

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    So for me I'm getting into a new routine, get up (later than usual,) go through my morning routine (contacts, shower, etc,) then walk across the house to my home office and turn on the work laptop, personal desktop, and the most important feature, the coffee maker.

    The problem is after work.  Similar to Steve, I'm having a tough time getting into a routine, or doing things I want / should be doing (exercise bike or home gym time,) and instead I'm finding myself sprawled on the couch binge-watching Westworld.

    The wife and I have spent some time (she's working from home too,) coming up with lists of "things to do" while our state is on a "stay home" order, some housework we've been putting off (painting a stairwell,) some is just fun stuff (hobbies and such we don't do as much as we'd like.)

    But it's tough.  It's tough when you have the thought "hey, let's go to the movies this weeken...  Oh.  Yeah."  Or going out for dinner.

    About the only thing that isn't a problem for us, is trying to keep kids amused while the schools are shut down.  The cats don't care a whole lot that we're home, other than getting the occasional pet during the day or being able to explore the wifes' craft room / home office (which they normally don't get to go into, too much for them to get into.)

    One of my nieces requires a powerchair to get around and is trying to raise the funds to buy one:

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    I've struggled with tackling projects. I have done a bit more cleaning (no maid right now), but I also need a break.

    One thing my wife has enjoyed each year is watching the Oscar nominees for Best Picture. Last year we got too busy, and so this year we started over the weekend knocking off the 2019 ones we hadn't all seen. If anyone hasn't seen one, we all watch.

    It's interesting. A good escape, we're together, we can talk about the film, and it forces some of us out of our comfort zone, but we get more understanding of others and why they like a particular film. Plus, uninteresting topics aside, they're good films.

    Saw The Favorite, which is something I'd never in a million years pick. Not sure I enjoyed it, but it captivated me.

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    Everyone in our IT department are working from home now. Our VPN and collaboration apps have held up well - practically no issues from what I've observed. This work from home thing actually timed well with a project I'm struggling to finalize and what requires some extended periods of my concentration (CCPA update engine for 100+ databases). My kid's school is closed, at least for several weeks, so they sort of work on assignments. The wife and I have to drop in on them every couple of hours to insure that's what they are really doing on the laptop and iPads. I have a jack-a-bee terrier that seems anxious, probably because me being at home is confusing her expected routine. Me at home during daylight hours is her play time. I'll spend my short breaks playing with her in the yard, and when I logoff for the day around 7pm, I take her for a walk around the neighborhood or to one of the nearby parks.


    "Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Instead, seek what they sought." - Matsuo Basho

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