HASHBYTES: Is CHECKSUM really required?

  • Nakal, this is a bad article. A SELECT using the checksum is not guaranteed to return the same results as a search using the actual values. If you use this in an app the results will be unreliable and potentially this can go undetected since it will mostly be correct. Mostly correct is worse than useless.

    I appreciate you would have meant well, but you should withdraw the post or fix it. If there is a use for the checksum index that is not flawed then by all means put that in instead. SScommitted showed a non-flawed query, so that would be usable. Not sure if that query is better with the checksum than without it, but if your post gave a comparison of the two, it would then be a worthwhile article.

  • HASHBYTES comes at an additional storage cost, but not always as high as 8000 bytes as mentioned in your post.

    Like danny.heijl points out it is only 16 bytes for MD5 or 20 bytes for SHA1.

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