Happy Halloween 2008!

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  • Any holiday big or small excites me like my school days. ๐Ÿ˜› Atleast I can catch some sleep (My favourite hobby) which I miss mostly due to my job and partially my son....


    Happy Halloween 2008! to all of you.......


  • Happy Halloween...

  • Oh no! You guys are off for Halloween?

    Not only am I stuck in work today, but I forgot to update my iPod so dont get the bloopers til tonight thanks to internet filters at work... NOOOOOO!

  • This is a discussion site: Isn't someone supposed to disagree?

    OK. I volunteer. Hmmmmm...

    Got it - Halloween is a holiday that promotes candy which promotes tooth decay. Children all over America are having their teeth corrupted by this insidious holiday.

    Well, actually, one of my favorite activities is giving out candy on Halloween. So I guess I'll have to find another disagreement. Let me think about it...


    Anyway, Happy Halloween everybody.

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  • Happy Halloween Steve, the podcasts ROCK!

    Don't change a thing.

    :{> Andy

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  • We all know that Charlie Brown always gets rocks for Halloween. When I was a kid, we had a neighbor lady who used to occasionally place an open-faced peanut butter sandwich into trick-or-treater's bags.

    What's the worst thing you ever got in your bag?

    Happy Halloween!

  • How about some scary SQL stories? The day the database fried!:w00t:

  • In my first job, I was surprised that my predecessor had single-handedly staged a socialist revolution by killing off all the Lords in the database! It was, however, a bloodles coup: a simple request to re-order the customer title code/decode table in the main customer database had mistakenly included amendments to the code values, resulting in letters that should have been addressed to "Lord", being addressed to as "Executors of"!

    I did a poem, but mistakenly put it in the Question of the Day thread.

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  • I don't want to promote dental problems, so

    I think I'm known in the neighborhood as the "Popcorn Lady".

    I give one serving sized microwave popcorn & the kids always love it !

  • Isn't popcorn coated in sugar, and doesn't it stick in your teeth?

  • If it were caramel corn, yes, it'd have the sugar.

    But I gave "Movie Theater Butter" flavored.

    OK, so instead of dental issues, maybe I'm promoting future heart problems....

    I think the kids love the novelty of getting something besides candy.

  • You're thinking of Carmel corn. Regular popcorn is just corn, oil, and salt.

  • Picture this: It's about 9:30 PM on Halloween night and finally I'm leaving work from 201 Mission Street downtown San Francisco. I was working with E-Discovery litigation consultants, and the long hours of projects had zapped me of all my energy. Knowing I didn't have enough energy left to join any festivities that night, I thought I'd skip the Powell Street BART station and instead walk down Market Street a ways and watch people.

    I saw groups of adults who had carefully chosen their costumes - call girls and missionaries complete with bikes and tags, hanging out together, for instance. Finally I decend from the street down into BART at the Civic Center.

    What I saw next was the most stark Halloween memory of my adult life. I'm at the front-end of the station so the entire twelve-car train moves slowly past me. Each of these cars we're stuffed to the hilt (and I mean people smashed in) with costumed party people of every variety imaginable - car after car of the train.

    Finally the train comes to a stop and the door of the last train opens. For a second, I pause and look at the passengers while they look back at me. I'm in slacks, a long-sleeve collared shirt, dress shoes and a laptop satchel. One of these things is not like the others! I decide to smash my way in.

    For a minute or two, I'm nose-to-nose with space visitors, nurses, devils, angels - and devel knows what else in relative silence. It was like a dream sequence from one of Checkov's short stories.

    Then we get to the Mission District - where apparently it's all going to go down. In a rush, a literal ocean wave of Halloween partiers exit the train and funnel out to join the invsion. The train empties out almost completely. What's left is only myself and a couple of stragglers. The train so abandoned you'd think the entire city had been emptied of all it's residents.

    The fantastic spectacle arrived, hovered there for a minute and then disappeared like it never happened. I thought of going home and then going back down to the Mission District just to see what was going down there, but there just wasn't enough energy.

    The end.

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  • H H everybody.

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