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  • my COM+ app uses 2 sql server DBs on 2 different Servers to do its work.

    the first server contains all the data structures required for the com+ application to work.

    the second server is just a work server that process large batch jobs and posts the data back to server #1. We did this so the web application would not experience lag when large jobs were queued and executing.

    in order to get this to work, we had to link server 1 to server 2, and vice versa.

    what i've found now is that when the large batch jobs are finished executing it takes a long long time for the connection between the 2 linked servers to go away. an sp_who shows a long list of logins between the 2 machines, all sleeping and "awaiting command"

    is there a utility like dbcc or a server property that can help me purge all sleeping connections?

    more importantly, is there some sql syntax that i'm missing that closes connections on linked servers?



    Matthew Mamet

  • I know there is a timeout for it, don't recall seeing one for close. Why do you care if the connection remains?


  • I understand trying to remove connections if there are licensing issues, but otherwise, I agree with Andy. Why kill an idle connection. They use tens of kb of memory and that's it if they are idle.

    Try this script:


    Steve Jones


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