Guest Editorial: Do You Run Antivirus Software on Your SQL Servers?

  • Derek Dongray (2/11/2009)

    David B (2/10/2009)

    in a standard corporate network all AV's will probably be the same brand and version and so if the workstation AV cant stop it, neither will the server's version.

    A company I worked at, for historical reasons, had different AV software in the US and in Europe. After discussion, it was decided to keep it that way, partly so that we had the additional cover if one manufacturer could detect something the other didn't.

    We also installed the Exchange specific AV add-ons for those servers to check mail messages.

    We did that when I was in the USAF. My organization, though it was attached to a particular HQ unit, actually reported to the HQ unit above that. So we have some leeway in what we did as far as managing our own systems. We ran a different AV suite. Sure enough, our AV suite flagged a Word macro virus the rest of the base was infected with that its AV suite wasn't detecting. So we stayed clean and was able to alert said unit so they could take corrective actions.

    K. Brian Kelley

  • I agree. We standardized a lot of stuff at JD Edwards, but when Oracle came in, they let things go wilder, almost chaotic, but it did result in interesting security issues. Things couldn't propogate as easily since platforms were mixed, and there were different virii or worms caught be different products.

  • Sounds a lot like genetics. The "Pure Breeds" are often far more susceptible to health problems whereas the mongrel will be healthy for decades 🙂

  • If this topic has prompted you to consider installing antivirus software or you think you should review what you have in place, here is the link to Microsoft's recommendations:

    How to choose antivirus software to run on computers that are running SQL Server:

    Good luck,


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