Good to have Multiple Data Warehouses?

  • ktaylor181818 - Friday, November 24, 2017 12:33 AM

    After posting 'Data Vault methodology', I found a webpage that says Data Vault is not the ideal technology to use. 
    Rather stick with Kimball.

    I honestly don't see the need to use it. Be nice if someone who has used this methodology to give some insight, but it does sound like it's adding even more complexity to the problem. It also looks like it would be difficult to manage from a table standpoint.

  • Perhaps we're not really talking about the need for (2) data warehouses but rather an architecture of multiple distributed databases that are federated into a single logical data warehouse (think Microsoft's 'Parallel Data Warehouse' or what is now called 'Azure SQL Data Warehouse'), or within the same database you can support alternate levels of granularity for specific product lines using a separate fact table, or a vertical product oriented data mart existing parallel to the warehouse that feeds from the same ODS.

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