Good books for Azure (Data Factory) / Best practices

  • I was a BI/DWH developer for over 15 years in typical data warehouse environments. I used ETL tools like Infomatica, Pentaho, SAS and some PHP/MySQL in my early days.

    Recently I switched Jobs and now I m heading more in the Data Engineering direction. Less business logic and more focus on acquiring data from lots (over 100) of external sources.

    What book should I get to learn how to set up data pipelines in Azure?

    I need best practices for ETL pipes in general, deployment, CI/CD, scheduling, monitoring, error handling etc.

  • Not a Data Factory person, but I do a lot of work in Azure.

    Strong recommendation, look for videos or blogs. There are exceedingly few books written on Azure because the platform changes faster than people can churn out books. Most of the best stuff for learning Azure is online.

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