Going from datetimeoffset to datetime

  • daniness


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    Hi All,

    I'm hoping to get guidance on this. I'm working on modifying a query used to pull data in an SSIS package. It consists of 3 unions, of which all the former subqueries work fine, however the last query is returning a "conversion of a datetimeoffset data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value" error. I'm thinking it might be due to the PolicyExpirationDate field containing nulls, for policies which aren't expired yet. I tried applying what I did in the other subqueries of the union, but no luck. I haven't been able to find anything online that helps to correct this issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Here is the subquery which is returning the error (along with my commented out attempts to fix the error):

    select DISTINCT


    ,S.RatingPeriod 'RatingPeriodNumber'

    , 'VES' as 'RatingPeriodSource'

    ,P.Id 'PcmPolicyId'

    ,CONVERT(datetime,P.PolicyEffectiveDate) AS PolicyEffectiveDate

    ,CONVERT(datetime,P.PolicyExpirationDate) AS PolicyExpirationDate

    --, ISNULL(CONVERT(datetime,P.PolicyExpirationDate),'2030-12-31') AS PolicyExpirationDate

    --CONVERT(datetime, '2010-07-25T13:50:38.544', 126)

    --,CONVERT(datetime, P.PolicyExpirationDate, 126)

    , 'Coverage' as 'Level'

    , pcsf.Name 'Factor_Name'

    , pcsf.value 'Factor_Amount'

    ,(select max(s2.Id) from PolicyStatus S2 where s.PolicyId = s2.PolicyId and s.RatingPeriod = s2.RatingPeriod) 'PS_PolicyTransID'

    ,CONVERT(datetime,(select max(s2.EffectiveDate) from PolicyStatus S2 where s.PolicyId = s2.PolicyId and s.RatingPeriod = s2.RatingPeriod)) 'ActivationDate'

    from policy p

    inner JOIN PolicyStatus s ON s.PolicyId = P.Id

    inner join policyschema ps on ps.policyid = p.id --get schema used on the policy

    left outer join policyschemacoveragecontainer pscc on pscc.SchemaId = ps.id --get coverage level factors

    left outer join policyschemacoverage psc on psc.containerid = pscc.id

    left outer join policycoverageschemafactor pcsf on pcsf.coverageid = psc.id and pcsf.IsSelected = 1

    where pcsf.Name not like 'Minimum Monthly Premium'

  • Mike01


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    what datatype is PolicyExpirationDate?  Converting the null to datetime shouldn't be an issue.  See below.  Can you reproduce it in some sample data?

    drop table if exists #t
    Create table #T
    (d1 datetime,
    d2 datetimeOffset,
    d3Null datetimeOffset)

    insert into #t
    values (getdate(),getdate(),null)

    select *,
    ISNULL(CONVERT(datetime,d3Null),'2030-12-31') AS PolicyExpirationDate
    from #t

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  • daniness


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    Thanks, @mike01. PolicyExpirationDate is of datatype datetimeoffset(7). I tried using the following for ActivationDate and it seems to have fixed the issue:

     TRY_CONVERT(datetime,(select max(s2.EffectiveDate) from PolicyStatus S2 where s.PolicyId = s2.PolicyId and s.RatingPeriod = s2.RatingPeriod)) 'ActivationDate'

    Thank you, all!

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