GitHub vs. Azure DevOps

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  • I learned Git on the command line, and still prefer it. I hate having to learn how to use all of the different GUIs: GitHub, GitLab, DevOps. As you said, Git is Git. Similar to using vi to edit. I know I can get on any box, and do work even if only the command line is available.

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  • Thank you, Steve, for sharing this. I use Azure DevOps and GitHub, like you do. Some of the links you listed in the reference you gave are things I didn't know. And I've made my own comparison. I personally prefer the project management of Azure DevOps, over GitHub's.  It is especially nice as it is free. I know there's better, but as an individual I can't pay for better, so good enough gets me by. But I tend to prefer GitHub's Git over Azure DevOps. Ultimately, I decided that it is better to use both.

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