Getting started with the SQL MERGE statement

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  • Nice article!

    Before using MERGE in MS SQL Server, it would be good read this article as well. I'm not sure how many of the bugs mentioned there have been fixed. Since Microsoft Connect was deliberately broken, AFAIK we have no way of knowing


  • The bugs daveBoltman mentioned is what keep me away from merge. It has had such a bad press. Has it recently changed? I would love to love merge, but this makes it really hard.

  • You can avoid MERGE in some cases:

  • First off, thanks for the article.  Please continue to contribute and don't let my post discourage you.

    I dove head-first into this statement when it first came on the scene.  Spent many DAYS trying to tune it for a specific need and I'm pretty sure I uncovered every bug before they were listed widely on internet forums.  Similar to what a few others already posted, I've been burned by this statement too many times to even consider using it.  Way to easy to just use Insert/Update/Delete and move on.

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