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  • you forgot my most used technique SHIFT + F1

    this provides you with context sensitive help on any selected text

    1 select text in QA

    2 keystroke{SHIFT + F1}

    this doesnt always bring up the topic but if you look in the index on the left hand side, you usually see the information. For example, if you perform this technique on sp_help it will bring up a dialog asking you to choose one of two options for sp_help,  SELECT will open up the hierarchy in the index and @@version has only one possible reference so BOL opens directly to the Page. 

    there are so many other options in this environment that it would take a few articles to get them all and i have found QA help kind of lacking in this area. 

    Good begining to a promising series. 

    see you at pass

    Scott Davis


  • Hi Davis,

    thanks for opening discussion on this article.

    As you know there are thousand articles describing different short cuts of  the Query Analyzer and my article is only one that shows where to find Help book on Query Analyzer. This topic is not covered in books on SQL Server 2000. I could not find an explicit or implicit link to the Query Analyzer Help book.

    What does this mean? People do not need Help book?

    As of today, some companies have the SQL Server 2005 beta version in production. There won't be Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer in SQL Server 2005. Will we be able to find the Help book?

    Please advise.

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