Getting error when running a SQL agent job from stored proc.. Help needed

  • When running the job from stored proc I am getting the below error ..Can some one help me on that.

    Request to run job (from User 'abc') refused because the job already has a pending request from User 'abc'.

    IF NOT EXISTS(select * from msdb..sysjobhistory where job_id='9DDEWE' and run_status=4 )


    exec sp_start_job @job_name = 'TEST'



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  • Does the job has multiple steps?

    If Yes, you should have triggered the job using Activity monitor and its waiting for response to submit your response for start at step. In the mean time you would have fired the query to run the job.

  • Make sure the job_id in the select correspondents with the job_name in the start command. That's a mistake I have made in the past 😉

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