Getting Error in SQL Server 2008

  • manoj2001


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    Hi All,

    I am getting below attached error in sql server 2008 when i am going to restart my instace by right click and selecting restart in SSMS.

    appreciate your all help in advance.


  • Nikhil Shikarkhane

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    What happens if you restart from Configuration Manager ? Do u get the same error ?



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    This is very general error message. Now the first thing that we should do is please check

    1) Can we Succesfully start from SQL Server Configuratio Manager.

    2) Can we Succesfully start from Services.msc

    3) After this try to connect thru SSMS (not start but connect).

    4) Can we go thru System & Application logs for any potential .NET,

    MDAC other sort of errors.

    5) Else try to reinstall Client Components



  • VastSQL


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    Ya as Gursethi said the problem is mainly because of improper client installation or deletion of files related to taht mostly .NET

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