get lastname,firstname, middlename as first 3 pipe delimiter last data no need

  • NAZARE|DEV|T||Current~NAZARE|DEV|T||Previous

    The above data NAZARE =Lastname , Dev=Firstname T= lastname .

    Could you please help me to writ in select statement using substring and charindex Pipe delimiter

  • Show what you have done so far and what you are stuck on, what works, what doesn't work etc.


    Also why the requirement to use substring and charindex, it would be better to use a string splitting function instead like

  • +1 for using a splitter to do this.

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  • --Using the spliter I mentioned
    declare @stringtosplit varchar(100) = 'NAZARE|DEV|T||Current~NAZARE|DEV|T||Previous'
    max(case when itemnumber = 1 then Item end) as FirstValue
    ,max(case when itemnumber = 2 then Item end) as SecondValue
    ,max(case when itemnumber = 3 then Item end) as ThirdValue
    from mydb.dbo.DelimitedSplit8K (@stringtosplit,'|')

    VS charindex just to get the locations of the first 3 pipes

    declare @stringtosplit varchar(100) = 'NAZARE|DEV|T||Current~NAZARE|DEV|T||Previous'
    charindex('|',@stringtosplit,1),--FIRST |
    charindex('|',@stringtosplit,charindex('|',@stringtosplit,1)+1), --SECOND |
    charindex('|',@stringtosplit,charindex('|',@stringtosplit,charindex('|',@stringtosplit,1)+1)+1) -- THIRD |

    You can easily read the function code vs having to pump all that gubbins from charindex into substring and you just get lost.

    Splitting on a delimiter use a function

  • To me, 50/50 on using a splitter for just the first 3.  Here's code using CHARINDEX & SUBSTRING:

    DECLARE @string varchar(200)

    SET @string = 'NAZARE|DEV|T||Current~NAZARE|DEV|T||Previous'

    SELECT string, Lastname, Firstname, Middlename
    FROM ( SELECT @string AS string ) AS data
    SELECT LEFT(string, CHARINDEX('|', string) - 1) AS Lastname,
    SUBSTRING(string, CHARINDEX('|', string) + 1, 8000) AS Remainder1
    ) AS ca1
    SELECT LEFT(Remainder1, CHARINDEX('|', Remainder1) - 1) AS Firstname,
    SUBSTRING(Remainder1, CHARINDEX('|', Remainder1) + 1, 8000) AS Remainder2
    ) AS ca2
    SELECT LEFT(Remainder2, CHARINDEX('|', Remainder2 + '|') - 1) AS Middlename
    ) AS ca3

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