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    the following cube elements are relevant:

    [Ticket].[Tickethierarchie]   --> hierarchy which i need to find the relevant elements of

    [Ticket].[Status]                    --> attribut has multiple elements which i need to filter the relevant hierarchy elements

    [Measures].[Aufwand]         --> Measure which is used to filter aswell, > 0.1


    What i need to do is find a filter for all [Ticket].[Tickethierarchie] where:

    • Measure is > 0.1 AND [Ticket].[Status]  is in one of these 4
    ,[Ticket].[Status].&[Abgelehnt - nicht realisierbar]

    },[Measures].[Aufwand] > 0.1

    • AND All Tickets where [Ticket].[Status] is any of these
    ,[Ticket].[Status].&[CAB relevant]
    ,[Ticket].[Status].&[Implementieren und Testen]
    ,[Ticket].[Status].&[Warte auf]
    ,[Ticket].[Status].&[Zu prüfen]

    Basically i want all [Ticket].[Tickethierarchie] elements, except the the combination of where the Measure [Measures].[Aufwand] is 0 and the [Ticket].[Status] is one of these





    ,[Ticket].[Status].&[Abgelehnt - nicht realisierbar]






    Trying to improve

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    Ok, how do i merch these 2 Queries into 1 so i can use it as a column in a dimension as a filter?

    This is 50% of it:

    CREATE MEMBER CURRENTCUBE.[Ticket].[Status].[Relevanter Status]
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Angenommen] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Bewertung] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[CAB relevant] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Eingereicht] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Entwurf] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Freigabe] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Implementieren und Testen] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Offen] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Rollout] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Warte auf] +
    [Ticket].[Status].&[Zu prüfen],
    VISIBLE = 1;

    But i also need this to apply as OR, so either the top condiation or the one below:

    SELECT [Measures].[Aufwand]  ON COLUMNS ,
    Aggregate([Ticket].[Status].&[Geschlossen],[Measures].[Aufwand] < 0.1)
    Aggregate([Ticket].[Status].&[Gelöst],[Measures].[Aufwand] < 0.1)
    Aggregate([Ticket].[Status].&[Duplikat],[Measures].[Aufwand] < 0.1)
    Aggregate([Ticket].[Status].&[Abgelehnt - nicht realisierbar],[Measures].[Aufwand] < 0.1)
    ) ON ROWS


    Certain Status OR (Certain Status AND  Measure is > 0.1)

    Trying to improve

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